G93 Radio
Prospective underwriters should submit a proposed script in advance for WUCG-FM Radio's review, or request that we script your announcement (free). 
Sponsor Guidelines
WUCG-FM 93.1 is the only radio station serving Union County exclusively.  Regional stations may have more power, however they use their coverage to air programs for the entire North Georgia Radio Market, not individual towns or counties. They claim Blairsville as an “add on.” WUCG-FM is a community radio station totally focused on Blairsville.

WUCG-LP is required by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in Washington to serve Blairsville, and surrounding area, with local information and programming.  We cheerfully accept this responsibility. All music selections and programming decisions are made by TMQ, Inc., a locally owned and operated non-profit, non-commercial organization. 'LP" means "Low Power" to the FCC; to us it means "Local People / Local Programming."

N.C.E. (Non-Commercial Educational) radio stations are not allowed by the FCC to air commercials, paid programming from businesses / individuals, or raising money for any purpose except the station's own expenses.  However, WUCG-LP FM Radio and hundreds of other educational radio/TV stations are permitted to:

1. Air "enhanced underwriting announcements" acknowledging financial support from businesses and "for-profit" organizations.
2. Accept financial underwriting to air programming provided by non-profit organizations such as churches, ministries, and civic clubs and associations.  These programs must be aired "in the public interest" and not "because of financial considerations."
3. Solicit donations from individuals and families.  These are tax deductible; as required by the IRS, receipts must mailed to all donors.

Underwriting from businesses and other "for profit" organizations

Donations may be acknowledged by a brief announcement, generally 30 seconds or less in length.

A. Name of donor
B. Slogan or logo identifying the donor (audio or visual)
C. Address, telephone number, and web site
D. Brand name may be included
E. A value neutral description of products, goods, and services

A. Comparative or qualitative statements
B. Price information
C. "Calls to action" or statements encouraging listeners to contact or patronize the donor
D. Repetitive statements (giving name / address several times in one announcement).  
It is valuable to be heard on the radio multiple times. WUCG-FM appreciates underwriters and wants to share their appreciation with listeners.

Underwriting from churches, ministries, and other non-profit organizations
Stations may air programs and announcements from bona fide non-profit entities if the material aired is deemed as advancing the public interest, rather than in return for consideration.

Permitted: - Everything a for-profit entity is allowed plus:
A. Comparative or qualitative statements
B. "Calls to action"
C. Price information ("suggested donation")
D. Printed materials and audio / video tapes may be offered and brief requests for donations

A. Announcements totaling more than three minutes out of a thirty-minute program encouraging the listener to "send a donation"
B. WUCG Radio is forbidden to "interrupt regular programming" to raise money for any purpose except its own operating expenses.  Specifically, money can NOT be raised to help victims of disasters or groups like the Red Cross or Salvation Army, unless done as occasional brief Public Service Announcements.