G93 Radio
In addition to teaching, some college professors write a book, others consultant with small businesses, some serve in the military reserves, but Dr. Larry and Professor Jan Flegle of American Public University System did something very different; they applied for and won a construction permit to build a radio station.

“From the Top of Georgia, this is WUCG-LP” is now heard on the airwaves in Union County, Georgia. The station is a community-based non-profit organization that broadcast to Blairsville and Union County. Non-commercial stations inject vibrancy into a radio dial that has suffered from years of media consolidation. Community stations offer a platform for content and viewpoints that traditional media overlook. These stations foster community identity and serve as hubs for vital safety information during local emergencies. Many of the day-to-day activities are accomplished by volunteers. We plan to apply for 2 translators (repeater stations) as soon as the filing window opens.

Dr. Larry and Jan Flegle (wucg931@windstream.net) applied for a community radio station license on 93.1 MHz in November, 2013. The construction permit was awarded on January 31, 2014. We play country, bluegrass and gospel music as well as a variety of talk programs on Blairsville’s own radio station.

Dr. Flegle started in radio in 1965 while in high school.  He has a degree in broadcasting from the University of South Florida. Larry has worked for 14 radio stations and 1 radio network.  “Dr. Larry” was the GME Showcase DJ of the year in 2013.  AMU Internet Radio (overseen by Dr. Flegle at American Public University System) was awarded Second Best College Internet Radio Station in 2012 by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System and the station has won multiple awards for excellence in broadcast programming.  Larry also owns and operates Cowboy Gospel NETradio which has been nominated for numerous awards. The new Blairsville station is owned by TMQ, Inc. ( a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit corporation).  Local business owners, Jim Guess and Donna Guess serve on the TMQ, Inc. Board of Directors.  Volunteers will be extremely important and will carry out many of the day to day activities for the station. Computer automation will manage programming for non-live broadcast hours. WUCG-FM will be part of the Emergency Alert System and will air emergency notices and Amber Alerts
The initial music playlist will be traditional country, gospel, and Monday through Friday.  Bluegrass is heard on Saturday morning with a variety of programs and music on Saturnday afternoon and evening.   The playlist for all day Sunday is southern gospel and cowboy gospel.  A variety of interesting talk programs will also be aired throughout the week.  World news will be from FSN Radio Network and local Blairsville weather reports are provided by a certified meteorologists.  Announcements for schools, churches and non-profits are regularly aired. A program about pets called “Animal Radio” is feathred. WUCG-FM solicits local groups to produce programs for possible airing. WUCG-FM will provide information from its website on how to listen to the station over the internet anywhere in the world.  Information on free apps for smartphones and iPads will also be on the station website. Apps will soon be available to listen to WUCG-FM on car radios anywhere in the world.